The W.J.Y design values the human well-being in always. We design for the confidence, stylish and kindness modern people. Wearing W.J.Y makes you feeling to love yourself and your sounding much deeper.

All the jewellery are made by the high quality to natural gemstone, and environmental friendly production process.

— W.J.Y


Universe Collection

The universe breeds a variety of stones, which considered as possessors of energy that absorbed the power from each stellar.

Natural stones are shaped by astronomical phenomena over thousands of years, where the stone harnesses the power of the earth. This is why crystals are con- sidered as possessors of energy and the ability to heal with peo- ple. This collection is in uenced by astrology – referencing 12 constellations each with a differ- ent look, and energy.

Raw Textures Collection

The natural and uneven stones are used to highlight the concept of the raw textures collection. Although the gemstones appear to be natural and untouched, they are actually all uniquely handcrafted. At W.J.Y. we select high quality gemstones to produce the kind of rawness desired for these pieces.

The Geometry Collection

Inspired by the American Artist Ellsworth Kelly, this collection explores a new style in contemporary minimalism.

The Geometry Collection rep- resents an unconventional atti- tude to current convention. It is inspired by the American artist Ellsworth Kelly (1923 2015), who is the one of earliest minimalists, associated with unassuming techniques emphasizing line, color and form. This collection explores a new style in contem- porary minimalism.



The Sweetheart Collection is all about being in love – and how you express it to your sweetheart. Soft, pastel-coloured shells com- plement gold plating to express a feeling of romance throughout the pieces, while diamonds offer a classic elegance.

This collection is mainly made by the high quality of natural pearls and shells.